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                "Ten years of Fenghua, dream of the future"
                Column:Staff style Time:2020-01-20
                When the boar goes to show abundance, the mouse will report good luck!

                When the boar goes to show abundance, the mouse will report good luck!

                January 19, 2020

                Tianjin famoxi group

                "Ten years of Fenghua, dream of the future" theme annual meeting was held




                Mr. Tian Dongkui, chairman of the board of directors, delivered a wonderful speech. He reviewed the 10th year of famoxi group in 2019, summarized and checked the remarkable achievements made in various aspects, deployed the target of pharmaceutical manufacturing and science and technology consulting under the strategic layout of "one body and two wings" in 2020, and commended the excellent employees who had served for 5 years 。





                In prosperous times, the world is warm and the golden mouse makes a scene of spring

                With the countdown to spring in 2020

                Tianjin Moxi group's wonderful performance in 2020

                A beautiful note and dance

                The performances were wonderful and moving

                To bring you surprise, move and shock

                It also left a beautiful memory that people can't forget

                Let's freeze these beautiful pieces together



                 At the annual meeting, not only are there wonderful programs, but also rich prizes for you. Every draw will bring the party to a climax.

                        Famosi family members are surprised to have a year of good luck.




                Time flies

                Looking back to 2019

                All the colleagues of Tianjin famoxi are working hard

                It's been an extraordinary year

                Looking forward to 2020

                Let's seize the day and the night to live up to our dream



                  The party ended in a joyful and warm atmosphere. At the end of the day, we raised our glasses to each other to express new year's greetings and best wishes to the company.

                        We firmly believe that with the spirit of unity, cooperation and enterprising spirit of the French people, in 2020, the group will open a new chapter of development and achieve more brilliant achievements. Let's build a dream for the future for ten years!